Wednesday, June 23, 2021



Dear ALY,
We did it.  We celebrated you so beautifully 
we reached out in new ways
we came together as if we were NEW, open-hearted friends
we mourned in our own unique way
we  toured your favorite sites
we ate Generously shared meals as family  Communion
we swam  and dived into waters with abandon
we rode in planes and boats
we privately prayed and called out to the sky
we were reminded how indigenous we all are deep inside
we were uplifted by the mountains at your Memorial 
we got to know in new ways,  people we thought we once knew
we felt comfort in being together so that unbelievably challenging emotions could be supported
we slept in borrowed family beds with clean sheets
we suspended judgments of ourselves and others
we played in sand
we got to know better three generations of family
we attended auctions as a personal and unique way of being together in grief
we were healed and elated as one child sang a song and another said a  psalm at your memorial
we counseled each other privately 
we included elders and the young
we knew that the beauty and truth of the memorial would always be an incredibly  treasured memory of You
we talked machine talk as a comfortable way to re-bond
we cried , some inside, some outside
we suspended judgments of ourselves and others
we suspended judgments of ourselves and others
we celebrated you in your NEW Spirit Form
we learned Aly, we are always Students 
YOU FLY ALY, FLY EASILY as we continue to Learn
In Art and Life,
Aunt Linda