Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Linda Mary Montano, trained in sculpture at The College of New Rochelle, BA; Villa Schifanoia, Florence, MA; University of Wisconsin, Madison, MFA, began performing 1970, and addressed concepts of silence and persona morphing, using aesthetic paradigms to induce a spiritual consciousness. She balanced this vision with a questioning humor. Always there has been a need to use art to practice and prepare for life and also a need to transform and transfer life traumas into art so that nothing is wasted and all is recycled. Endurance has been used as a raw material and way to mark time and teach awareness, via vow-taking; it comes from her Catholic training and two years in a convent. Performances, persona morphing, three books: Art in Everyday Life, Performance Artists Talking in the 80s, and Letters from Linda M. Montano, numerous videos, teaching and residencies at The Art/Life Institute are ways Montano explores her life as a "living sculpture."

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