Saturday, March 14, 2015


Linda Mary Montano Dad Art Performance
Added on 4/04/10

 When I was still trying to "get" tenure, I kept hearing my good voice say, "Go home and be with your father." Over and over. Tenure was denied ( of course, it is Karma we are speaking about here!!!!!) and I left Texas for upstate NY where I began collaborating via time spent and videos made, with my great dad, Henry Montano; mystic, musician and store owner.  So this dad who I really didn't know well because he was always working to feed, clothe and school us, became my re-friend, in his 80's, and after an unspeakable and tragic accident (mistake) by a negligent physical therapist, he became my patient for 3 years, 24-7.

For 4 years, before the tragedy,  we documented our friendship at meals,  at nightly/marathon TV viewings of Wheel of Fortune, and at parties with him and his pretty woman-friend. I was celebrating us.

 After his hemorrhagic stroke, the camera was kept running. Why?  I needed a buffer-tripod to hide behind because the pain of suffering was too overwhelming.

One day, one of the 408947 caregivers brought into work colored paints. My dad who was already a mystic and musician, became a visual artist. In Zen-like slow motion he filled  pages with unspeakable beauty.


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