Tuesday, October 6, 2015


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I returned to upstate NY in 1998 and began driving my then ok dad to appointments/doctors/bank/church  and we began a video collaboration, documenting suppers together, watching tv etc.
A tragic accident at  physical therapy, eventuated in a stroke and a 3 year 24-7 caring for dad at  home.
My camera was on and became I shield I hid behind because the pain of losing my friend, my father, was too much.
I became his care-manager and filmed up to and after his death and funeral.
The resulting 2 and a half to 3 hour "performance" is not art but a way to study impermanence via artifacts and performance.

it includes  4-5 collaborators who perform actions on stage while film is shown.
I sing (sometime with piano sometimes not)  7 of his favorite songs.
A procession to "burn" the written "letters to death" written during the performance ends the process.

This you tube is from one of the few times I shared DAD ART as a memorial with friends.                   

I would be honored to share DAD ART again at a venue that would bring this teaching of impermanence to others via LIFE-ART.

Linda Mary Montano
845 399 2502

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