Wednesday, May 11, 2016


BIO: LINDA MARY MONTANO: Although trained as a sculptor, Montano extended her boundaries into sculpting herself as art and chose life issues, traumas and concerns as  matter for her art.  In the beginning, the 70's,  she relied on the presence of her body as her practice but always made videos to accompany her vision. After her endurance,  14 YEARS OF LIVING ART , 1984-1998, Montano focused on video and also continued to perform body modifications and morphed herself into  live people: Mother Teresa, Bob Dylan and Paul McMahon so that she could  articulate the Vedantic theological belief that states, "You are not your body, you are not your mind. You are the Great, I AM." As time went on, Montano began seeing her work as  a spiritual, monastic endurance that would hopefully awaken her to Wisdom, Compassion and Christ Consciousness, states of mind that she began discovering in childhood. Luckily there was always and continues to be a guffaw waiting in the wings.  Bawk, bawk.,  blog,  52 free videos on You Tube.

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