Monday, September 25, 2017




Words pale as I attempt to find a way to thank your Museum and all concerned with last Saturday night's event that allowed me to be Mother Teresa in such a satisfying way ...

As an artist in my 70th decade, I feel honored to have been treated with such a high level of professional care and concern for all aspects of my Mother Teresa concept.

For many, many weeks, Darin and I talked on the phone/email and I felt I was in great hands. All was noted/agreed to/ detailed by him and then confirmed in contract/email form by him with enthusiasm and expertise......from the cake, to tickets to getting to your site from NY; we talked about  snacks in the room where we prepared for our performance; we talked details that I hadn't even thought of!
I will always remember how excited we became when we discussed the cake for the first time and then when it was given an ok, how super excited again we got when Darin/Jana and I talked out the design and words on it! Was it you Darin , yes it was, who suggested the MOTHER TERESA photo?  Brilliant. It's all in the details.

And then Jana entered the picture on a day-to-day basis and we communicated about thousands of details from guest list to parking vouchers, from how many chairs to many other issues about how to make the endurance work easily and effortlessly. And all of that she did in her angel-no worry, voice. I didn't worry!!!!

The entire event was a collaboration in the best sense:
From Darin's eagerness to make this a professionally golden/sterling event for us and the audience, on every level.
From Ron's invite to me, asking me to participate in his version of ORACLE and suggesting Kae would be a wonderful "caregiver" for aging Mother.
From Ron's majestic cake cutting and birthday celebration offering a piece of cake from a jeroboam-sized object of edible art, the likes of which will never  be ever seen again because it was that majestic and HUGE and according to participants very delicious!
From Kae's  ability to consistently perform "crowd" control as art while maintaining a beautiful ADDICTED TO LOVE visage.
From the brilliant LED Lights and ninja warrior-like sound people's ability to make it all visually/aurally magical.
From Jana's always being there with solutions of detail after detail after detail in liaison with Darin!!!!
And there were many others whose names I don't know......PR, documentation...and more. Be sure to thank them for me.

I came away from that event knowing that I had been inspired by the Broad and was left with this new question, "How can I now serve others as brilliantly and generously as the Broad served art and life Saturday night?"

With gratitude,
Linda Mary Montano

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