Friday, December 8, 2017



  1. Some people like to talk a lot about their performance AFTER it is over. Some people are  totally silent, feeling the result.
  2. Some people get the judge stirred up from the cellar of the mind, some don't.
  3. Some people celebrate for days, some cant.
  4. Some people feel like going inside and hiding, others plan another event immediately.
  5. Some people think  "OHHHH I did this or that and wish I had not done that and I looked strange when I...." Some don't.
  6. Some people don't want to talk to their best friends after a performance, some call everyone and talk and talk and talk.
  7. But what is true for all: We  need  a lot of water. Drink it, soak in it, bathe in it, borrow a bathtub and sit in it, swim in it. 
  8. Linda Mary Montano,  after Glandettes/Gland Angels at The New Museum.

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