Tuesday, June 12, 2018



Dear Members of the Committee,

It has been a pleasure being the teacher, mentor, collaborator and friend to Alton DuLaney for over 20 years.

I first met him when he was an undergraduate student at UT Austin. I was teaching Performance Art and The History of Performance Art at the University for seven years there. Even as a young art student, Alton was insatiable in his self-expression and ALWAYS open to the creative process.  He founded a performance art troupe which held monthly performances; he created his own Art Radio program; he wrote and performed in his own TV show on Austin Cable Access.

Since then he continues to impress me with his inventive energy, his creative output, and his steadfast dedication to living an Art Life. It is no surprise that he has continued to expand his artistic output and his ART-LIFE-BRAND as an artist. He has been so successful that he now regularly appears on NATIONAL  TV, and exhibits across the country. I have, with great joy, year after year, watched him interacting with grace and confidence yet a wonderful humility, with all of the Big TV Stars!!!

I have happily and with pride, followed his career throughout the years, seeing him occasionally in NYC where he lived for over a decade. I have also watched his return to Texas after his hero’s journey of living and working on both coasts.  His social engagement and performance art practice of getting elected to city council is inspiring  and true to the  ability of artists to make an art of life, even political life. His love for his hometown Splendora Texas is about a collaborative activism and he has shown a love for his family and extended family by becoming a political spokesperson .

In November I asked him to collaborate with me on my INTERACTIONARAMA/ENDURANCE  at the Vortex Theatre in Austin.  It is a three hour Meditation on the Life of my Father.  Alton's performance  brought a level of dedication and his participation was true to my concept and definitely aided in honoring my father and the need for all to become conversant with all aspects of life and impermanence.

I am more than assured that Alton would bring that same level of artistic integrity to the Core Program, and it is without hesitation that I highly recommend him for this esteemed position.

If I can be of any more assistance, please feel free to be  in contact:  lindamontano@hotmail.com

In Life and in Art,
Linda Mary Montano
Performance Artist
2018, Saugerties  NY

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