Tuesday, April 8, 2014


            CONNECTION BETWEEN ENDURANCE AND PERFORMANCE                              

In 75 I began morphing into 7 different imaginative people and sat in front of a video camera for a year talking in different accents as these people. see the video: LEARNING TO TALK


The 7 people were all survivors in their own given professions and fields.

In 1975 I blindfolded myself for 3 days, taking away sight, knowing that this brought me closer to my real self because sight is so judgmental-making. I called this becoming a Guru.

When I moved to NY State and began seeing my birth family again I realized that a few of us look like Bob Dylan, especially my brothers,  and so I began performing as Bob so that I could be like my brothers having always wanted to be a man as a child, knowing that they were always getting the better cultural deal.

Theologically I was being introduced to the paradigm of not being identified with body or mind and getting out of my body as a spiritual practice gave me access to this teaching.

After being bent over with a neurological chronic condition called dystonia, I heard an inner voice say, "Linda you look just like Mother Teresa, all wrinkled and bent over".Voila, Mother Teresa was born.

The mechanical lift appeared in my work the day John Lennon was murdered. Endurance appeared in my work in my mother's womb which I distinctly remember.

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