Friday, April 25, 2014


Resting/ Performing Our Chakras/ Glands – Linda Mary Montano



Course Description:
 The course is a chance to let go and enter into focused experiences and sensations inside our physical and psychological bodies so that past stories, memories, present sensations can be felt and then translated into a performative language that alchemizes and transform memory into seen meaning. Our delete, like and share, control, alt and cap link buttons are on constantly internally and externally or else our text-ed thumbs are anesthetized by use, over-use, mis-use to the extent that we are basically in need of rest. Not only our thumbs but our beautiful CHAKRA/GLAND lights inside need quality attention.
The 7 chakras-7 glands workshop will structure our time together so that day 1 we explore Chakra 1&2, day 2, Chakras 3,4&5, day 3 Chakras 6&7. To allow these seen experiences that we will share feel natural/un-judged, we will perform many warm-up, moving, sounding, sensating actions and visualizations which will lubricate our information and our group process so that sharing found information will be both self-affirming and received with ease in this instant community of “face-time” co-performers. If you WISH, bring clothing/scarf from one of the colors of the rainbow, but definitely a wig or a facsimile of a wig.
Course Goals:

1. See the value of having a template for structured performative actions.

 2. Discuss performance and the components of public/private/life-art practices and what the components are for each mode.

 3. Learn about the performative aspects of everyday life and the ways inner focuses can be considered valuable ways to be “always creative”.

4. To appreciate the vibratory aspects of group processes that eventuate in changes in consciousness for the better.

 5. To evaluate the role of judge/critic/applause meter in not only the arts themselves but in work that is outside the barometer of theoretical discourse.

 6. To share what has been internally/externally found in a safe and encouraging environment.

 7. To PLAY with the deeply intricate and densely theological Hindu chakra system in respectful and transformative ways.

 8. TO PLAY.

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