Friday, November 11, 2016

MY FOOT/MY EGO............


  1. I just came from MONTANOS SHOE STORE. For a month I have been hobbling unable to step down on my right foot. Finally I called and my brother Anthony said, "Come on down to the store." And within a half hour , he had diagnosed the issue, did the correct shoe treatment and I walked out of there "healed". My little bro helped me walk again. Once someone said to me in admiration, "You are Linda Montano?" when I told them my name!!!! I puffed up and was about to tell them about my 40983736 performances, so egoed and proud I felt. And then they said, "You are from MONTANO'S SHOE STORE??" I laughed so hard. I am proud to be associated with this healing center where THE ART OF LOVING SERVICE is practiced by all.

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