Friday, December 2, 2016



Dear ............,

Yes, I am interested in being there at your university to explore with the community my interest in the BODY AS ART.

I have performed numerous endurances over the years, the longest being 14 YEARS OF LIVING ART, an experience based on the seven Chakras in the body. During those 14 years, I wore one color clothes and performed many other internal-external practices to help me align myself with the question of self identity.

While in residence at your University, I would like to share this ongoing body study and interest of mine with other collaborators/students who would like to be with me. The working title of my course is: RESTING WITH THE 7 GLANDS because over the years I have found that the word Chakras is too specific and not everyone thinks that they have Chakras!  So the glands are more universally generic and palatable. My theory is that I must learn to "rest" creatively, physically, psychologically  and in community before that final "REST IN PEACE" that I/we all will experience. My art prepares me always and I would like to share the methods I use to achieve that goal of awareness.

We will workshop these concepts together and study/research these concepts and see via reading/you tube/going to events in Utah, how other performance artists answer their personal questions about their art-life.

Right now, I see that I would like to arrange for 7 VENUES/CO-COLLABORATORS in your incredibly rich art community where we could present and share our research. Of course,  I would be working with my research assistant to make those connections and times/places a reality. And we will also be in contact with other departments and places for assistance with video/lighting/sound.

While I am there, I will be  doing my own private research and will share those findings with students-collaborators.

At this time of external chaos, violence, fear mongering and misunderstood clowning, I feel that the work of inner peace-making as art, is my contribution to the MESS. And I am most happy to share this message with your community.

If you need more information, please be in touch.

In art/life,

Linda Mary Montano, Performance Artist.


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