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OHHHH DEATH!!! is writing and performance art workshop for those interested in looking at/thinking about/becoming communally truth telling around the issues of death, the last  taboo.
Death is the big secret, the topic not to bring into the conversation or even the mind. 
To counteract this fear, we will gently and courageously and cautiously go into that topic and learn new and useful skills.
 Via safe and group processes of:
1.writing letters to death
2. safely performing actions that address prior personal death stories 
3.  eventually acting out a personally written obituary that is read while practicing a short "death rehearsal," that is, after reading our own obituary, we will each of us lie down for 7-15 minutes  while meditatively being supported by the others members of the workshop.

 Truth is good medicine. BTW so is humor. And as a Certified Laughter Therapist, I will be including "laughter" as sound-making and as  a "way" for us to release/open internal doors, once closed by the unspeakable. 

My intention is that  members of this workshop will come away with an empowerment and interior language that they can use in the future in order to feel more familiar with the questions of  death/fear of death/getting the last breath RIGHT/opening new doors to becoming friends with the last taboo and the untold: Death. 
We will ask Shri Brahmananda Saraswati, Ramana Maharshi and Dr. Aruna Mehta to hold and protect the energy/space for us.

  1. Empty school notebook for writing 
  2. Pen or pencil
  3. 3 fake or real flowers
  4. A beautiful colored cloth
  5. A scent
BIO: LINDA MARY MONTANO: Montano is a performance artist who has been performing her dreams/questions/ concerns beginning in the 1970's until now.  
Montano has  61 free videos on you tube, has written over  6 books on performance art and when studying with her teacher Shri Brahmananda Saraswati, was encouraged by him to perform her own "truth"  as a way to find healing-medicine. 
If you wish, watch LIVING ART/DYING ART prior to the workshop.

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